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How does selective eating work?
At Shapes Slimming we try to get away from the diet concept so we do not count calories, we restrict the high fats and sugars.

Why do we encourage "unit free" foods.
There are many unit free foods such as meat, poultry, and all types of fish, lean bacon and eggs.

Vegetables and most fruits are "unit free" foods

Most vegetables, including root vegetables, apart from potatoes, can be used freely which eliminates weighing foods and can make losing weight easier.

Is meat restricted?

Red meat can be restricted to two servings weekly depending on weight loss required. Vegetarian dieters have cheese restricted in the same way.

How much will it cost for me to be selective?

Go to "Class & Price List".

Together we have lost over 56lbs





About Us
Over the last 40 years the clubs have gone  from strength to strength with several classes in the West, Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol & Somerset areas and a national phone in service Shape by Post.
Now in its 17th year. Shape by Post is promoted in many national magazines. Shapes Selective Eating Plans give our members the choice to mix & match or follow the weekly eating plans and recipes supplied.

Just what can I eat?
Many foods are unlimited and there are daily allowances of Bread, Potato, Pasta & Rice these allowances are adjusted for the individual depending on weight loss required etc.

Is this a calorie counting diet?
No calorie counting is required, alcohol and chocolate can be included whilst following the programme.


How many programmes do shapes provide?
We have 4 main programmes on offer including a very successful vegetarian plan. We also provide plans for special needs such as Lactose or Gluten free and a special plan for members with I.B.S.

We pride ourselves on a personal service. Please read on!

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